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  • 5 Pandemic Coping Strategies
    Coping, being grateful, and celebrating life. Written by Antoinette, Marie, Robin. Surviving a pandemic has meant a lot more than not becoming infected with Covid-19, especially for those labelled/with an intellectual disability. Surviving has meant asking ourselves how to maintain relationships and stay connected to our communities while staying safely apart. It’s meant finding the … Read more
  • “­What happens if our voices are never heard?” : Voices Unheard
    Written by Nick Herd, Doreen Kalifer, and Robin Arnott January 2022 Right now, the barriers facing people labelled/with intellectual disabilities are more than just inequitable — they are dangerous. We are concerned and we are not alone. David Leprofsky, law professor and chair of Accessibility for Ontarians Act Alliance (AODA) told the CBC: “The Ford … Read more
  • A Pandemic of Grief, Loss and Frustration
    Written by Robin Arnott, Aaron Kellet and Cindy Scott December 16, 2021     Welcome to the Covid-19, it’s terrible, nasty.  When Covid-19 started to spread during the first wave, all of us had to come to terms with a multitude of changes. Now that we’re well into the fourth wave and the situation is constantly … Read more
  • “Hard to trust”: Challenges trusting information and support during the COVID19 pandemic for people labeled/with intellectual disabilities.
    Written by Kuri, E., Lin, A., Seth, P., Head, K. J. (2021). September 16, 2021 The following blog post was written exactly one year ago, during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The writing was based on interviews between DiStory group research assistants, survivors, and younger generation self-advocates. The theme that this piece of … Read more